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  • CREUSABRO® M is a, quench annealed, non magnetic, work-hardening steel with an exceptionally high level of wear resistance when subjected to workhardening by shock or high impact pressure in service. The main characteristic is a superior wear resistance: Severe wear on the surface has a work-hardening effect on the austenitic structure of this steel. This, when combined with the level of carbon in accordance with the international standards, leads to an increase in hardness from 200BHN (in as delivered plates) up to an in-service hardness of at least 550 BHN. This workhardening capability renews itself through out in-service life. The under layers not work-hardened maintain an excellent resistance to shock and a very high ductility.

Delivery Condition : Water Quenching min 200 HB

Yield Strength N/mm2 :

Tensile Strength N/mm2 : 800 – 1,100


  • Safes, Prisons, Armoured Cars, Parts in Beater Mills, in Sand Blaster, Breaker and Crusher Parts, Throat Armour, Grab Crane Parts, Generally for heavy pushing, knocking or blowing stress. By means of these types of stress a strengthening will take place, and in consequence of this, the resistance to wear will go up an up enormously. The more this steel is knocked the higher the hardness and the resistance to wear will be.

FORMING : Bending, flanging, punching is possible.


  • Nearly impossible. For drilling a cemented carbide alloy driller is necessary and the working area must be warmed up to 200-300oc. The feed of the drill has to be started immediately, otherwise the drill will break.


  • The weld ability of the steel is good. Welding should be done “cold”. In order to avoid cracks of the welding scam, it is recommended to put a wet duster on the scam.